Best eBook Publishing Platforms 2020

The websites of electronic books put at your disposal an infinity of books in digital format. So that you know how to access all of them, we have prepared a small list of the best online platforms.

eBook publishing platforms

Imagine sitting on a lounger, with the sound of the sea in the background and feeling the sea breeze as you read that book you’ve been devouring for days. Sounds good, does not it? Well, this can be you, and I am going to tell you how you can access an infinity of books thanks to a small list of electronic book platforms.

Digitization, among many other things, has revolutionized the world of reading and the book publishing industry. Although today printed books are more in demand than electronic books, it is undeniable that the screen has overtaken ink and paper. And the fact is that reading and publishing books digitally is so integrated into our reality that a simple user can convert a printed work into a digital reading with a simple app.

When did this digital reading revolution begin? Well, we could say that one of the pioneers of all this was the Gutenberg Project. In 1971, Michael Hart began to create what would be the digital book by converting thousands of books in the public domain into electronic text files that could be downloaded to any computer. Even the converted some of the readings by hand!

Now, almost half a century later, readers can enjoy complete e-book platforms with which, for free or by paying a subscription, we can access millions of readings. Do you accept a recommendation? Aim!


It is a well-known and very complete online reading platform that works by subscription. It offers more than 60,000 books and subscriptions to more than 80 magazines. It is great, since it is a multi-device platform and, in addition, you can download up to 100 electronic books to enjoy without an internet connection. Also, if you are a Movistar customer, you can enjoy a free trial for one month.

An important point of this platform is that an account can be used on up to five different devices. This is great as it allows you to share readings with up to five people.

Kindle Unlimited

It is impossible that you do not know this online reading platform. With around a million books available and being part of Amazon, it is the current leader in the international market. In a simple way, you can find the ideal readings for you.

It works with subscription, but you can also buy electronic books without having a profile. Since it belongs to Amazon, without having a premium account, you can have advantages and discounts.


Although it may be the least known platforms on the list, it is a website where you will be able to find a huge amount of readings. Of American origin, but with its Spanish version, it is a website where, in addition to books, international magazines, newspapers and audiobooks. This great variety that Scribd has is the point that sets it apart from the competition.

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